August 2009

This year our two candidates for Governor are using two completely different tactics. One is screaming “Abortion! Abortion!” and the other is screaming “Copycat!” While Creigh Deed’s abortion scare tactics are def. not working, what do people think about Bob McDonnell’s “copycat” accusations? Below are some videos showing the “copycat.” Watch and comment.

A must read by Michael Gerson:

Gerson’s point is well-taken.  Bob McDonnell has capitalized on the voter discontent with the Obama Administration not by bashing it, or his opponent Creigh Deeds.  Instead, he’s offered market-friendly alternatives to nearly everything the national Democrats in Washington propose — from health care, to jobs, transportation, energy, and right-to-work.  He’s been very good at offering his own detailed solutions to sisues in a matter-of-fact, precise way that conveys that this campaign is one of substance.  The subtle message is that he’ll govern like he’s running — with substantive plans and ideas, with a minimum of partisan sharp elbows, and in a true spirit of making the Commonwealth better.

Bob McDonnell had a great statement about the Senator. Read it here.

Orin Hatch and Chuck Schumer will be squaring off on healthcare!

The Washington Post has a new poll out with the approval ratings of the 3 statewide elected Democrats in VA. Let’s see how they did:

Mark Warner– Mark Warner continues to enjoy strong approval from both sides of the political spectrum, enjoying an 82% approval among Democrats and a 53% approval from Republicans.

Jim Webb– On the other hand, Jim Webb is not doing so well. While Webb has a 71% approval rating from Democrats, only 36% of Republicans like the job he’s doing. Among Independents, he’s losing as well with 48%.

Tim Kaine is doing ok with a majority of 56%. You would think after being Governor through the VA Tech attacks, and being considered to be Vice President would make his approval more like Warner’s. Guess not.

So where does this leave Creigh Deeds? Well, for one thing, no where. He doesn’t enjoy the approval ratings that Mark Warner has,  and he still hasn’t connected well to voters in Northern Virginia. In that same poll, Bob McDonnell was leading Deeds 47%-40%

The reason Mark Warner was so successful was because of his bi-partisan appeal. Bob McDonnell knows that. Maybe that’s way he’s been leading in about 90% of the polls. Deeds still thinks we have to run divisive campaigns on social issues and attacking people’s records. Should Deed’s know by now that it doesn’t work?

Not Larry Sabato and Spark it Up! both have reports speculating that Delegate Terry Kilgore is considering a run for Congress against Rick Boucher. Apparently the NRCC has been doing some polling in the 9th…and he’s leading Boucher!


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