Bob McDonnell has received the endorsement of Sheila Crump Johnson, the first female African-American billionaire.  And, for NoVA residents, the part owner of the Caps, Wizards, and Mystics.   This is pretty great stuff, and a big boost for the McDonnell campaign.  This is definitely a great crossing-the-aisle bipartisan endorsement, as Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot notes, Johnson has historically donated primarily to Democrats. 

To have a prominent African-American endorse Bob and his message is huge.  Moreover, as a successful businesswoman (co founder of BET, now involved in hotel and resort development), she knows a thing or two about job creation and economic development.   

I never know how many votes an endorsement is worth, but this is the kind of endorsement that makes people stop and look at a candidate again, and it’s the sort of endorsement that might give comfort to people used to voting Democrat that it’s alright to vote for a Republican, especially this one.  And, no doubt, having her on the campaign trail will be a huge help.  She will make a very impressive surrogate and supporter, if she is willing to play that role with the campaign.

No matter what, though, this is a huge feather in the cap of a campaign that seems to be maintaining momentum.


UPDATE:  Here’s video of the endorsement: