That’s what Kaye Kory said to Danny Smith last week, in an overdue response regarding his request for a debate.

This is seriously troubling news. If elected, will Kaye say that she is too busy to talk to her constituents?  I asked Parks, Danny’s campaign manager, and here is what he had to say, “We are happy to finally get a response but disheartened that she does not want to debate.”

Here is an actual portion of what Kaye said in her letter,

“Given the intensity of the primary campaign in the 38th, I do not think that the fall elections for the legislature will be on the public’s radar screen until after Labor Day.”

Not on the public’s radar screen? Excuse me? That district just ousted a 17 year incumbent, of course its on their radar screen! This district is obviously constantly thinking about local issues. How is it that rising gas prices and food prices, this economic downturn, and our transportation crisis are not on the public’s radar screen? I did a walk a week ago for another local candidate, and voters were telling me how concerned they were about job safety and transportation.

Not on the public’s radar screen? We need a Delegate in Northern Virginia who will fight for lower taxes and transportation solutions. Ms Kory, you won the primary b/c Mr. Hull was a bad Delegate. Voters showed you that they don’t want two more years of Hull. Electing you would be endorsing those failed solutions that you campaigned against.

Since you don’t think that the voters deserve a debate, maybe you should not be seeking office. I commend Danny’s hard working attitude and will do what I can to help him win.  I hope that voters consider voting for Danny Smith. To visit his website, click here.