I’m doing a two-part series comparing how Bob Brink and Aaron Ringel handle constituent service. First, I’ll look at how Bob Brink deals with it. In Part II, I’ll show you how Aaron Ringel handles constituent outreach. 


We all know it is our right as citizens to write to our elected leaders. We should have the confidence that when we choose to exercise that right, we won’t be mocked and shamed in public for having different views.  At least, that’s what one constituent in VA-48 thought the morning of Feb 21st 2007. He was wrong. 

Brink posted the letter on his personal blog, and even mocked him by calling him a “purported constituent.”  Even still, comments on the blog making fun of this person were not refuted by Brink. This blatant disrespect for his constituents makes me question his leadership. I asked Aaron Ringel what he thought of the situation. Here’s what he told me,

While I may agree with Delegate Brink that public safety is paramount in Arlington, I do not approve of the blatant disrespect he has for those constituents who may have a differing position. 

The ability to freely express ones personal opinions to their elected official is a constitutionally protected right. His clear disregard for both their opinion and the privacy of that communication shows a egregious disrespect for those he “claims” to represent.

 Being mocked by your representative in Richmond is an example of the divisive politics that I want to change here in Arlington. 

Way to go Aaron Ringel! I can’t wait for the upcoming debates. Stay tuned for Part II