Recently, Red NoVa interviewed Joe Bury, candidate for Delegate in the 39th District. Mr. Bury has been a Community Activist since 1997, having served on numerous Boards and Commissions in the Northern Virginia area, including his Homeowners’ Association.  He’s been appointed to boards and commissions by both Democrats and Republicans. The Burys  also belong to St. Raymond of Penafort Roman Catholic Church in Springfield, where Joe has been a Lector/Reader for the past several years.

I started off by asking him why he wanted to run for Delegate. Here was his response.

Joe Bury: I think that I’m equipped to do something that my opponent isn’t doing. Last summer, I was the President of a Home Owners Association…We took a transportation issue to the Board of Supervisors. The Lee District Supervisor (currently Jeff McKay)  told me if you want to do something, the problem is in Richmond. So I said that I’m going to go to Richmond.

Running for office is just a natural extension of my public service.

Red NoVA: What can be done specifically to fix transportation issues?

JB: Within transportation, the problem is traffic congestion. We’ve got lots of cars on the road from Virginia to D.C. I’d like to see more telecommuting. People could telecommute 3 days a week or so. It would help the environment, and productivity would increase. 

We have 2 other options as well. Bike paths are one, and high speed rail between Washington and Richmond is another.

RN: What are your specific thoughts on the environment?

JB: We can talk about why the GOP has lost some of these elections in Virginia, and I think the environment is one of these factors. Republicans used to be protectors of the environment. We don’t want to be a burden to businesses, but reasonable steps to protect our air and water should be taken.

RN: What about quality of life issues?

JB: I like spending time with my family. Both my wife and I work. We don’t have enough family time….I’d like to see better effectiveness of traffic monitors and stop lights.

RN: Given Fairfax’s recent trends in voting for Democrats, how will you be running your campaign? And why has the GOP been unsuccessful in recent years?

JB: I’ve got to stick to Republican principles. Fiscal responsibility is really important. I’ve heard from businessmen who say that they are moving to Maryland. We’re loosing revenue. We got to keep Virginia a business friendly state.

We need to continue to reach out. We shouldn’t just spend for the sake of spending. We’ve been getting away from what Republicans stand for.

We also need to take a look at the Constitution. We got to take a closer look at the 10th Amendment. We’re missing something when the Federal Government is nationalizing everything.

There you go! Thanks Joe Bury. Remember to go to to see how you can help!