Public Policy Polling has a new poll out today showing that Bob McDonnell leads Creigh Deeds 49%-43%.  The poll is here.  Bill Bolling leads Jody Wagner 46%-40%, and Ken Cuccinelli leads Steve Shannon 45%-38%.  PPP polled 617 people, 33% Republican, 34% Democrat, and 33% Independent.  Margin of error is 4%.

Some interesting numbers:  McDonnell led among independents, 54%-33%.  He also led among Hispanics, 44%-33%. 

Overall, this is good news.  Deeds’ post primary bounce is done, and McDonnell is making progress among independents.  Moreover, the ticket seems to be following the trend.  Of course it’s early, but Bob McDonnell is a good candidate, with good ideas, and attuned to the message Virginians want to hear.  After the nice op-ed from the WaPo the other day on charter schools, I’ve got to think that independents find McDonnell’s policy innovations appealing.  Deeds has been and remains a cipher on policy.  Still waiting for Deeds’s response to McDonnell’s offer of those ten debates. 

H/T:  The Campaign Spot