Smith for Delegate

Debate me, please!

 About a month ago, Danny Smith sent a letter to Kaye Kory, congratulating her on her victory and challenging her to a debate. In the letter, he said,

It is obvious that the constituents in the 38th District want a fresh voice in Richmond….I feel that it is our obligation to show them who we are and how we are prepared to take on the duties of being their delegate….

With that in mind, I would like to propose that we debate the issues as many times as possible….Our campaigns could work jointly to arrange venues and formats.

I know that you agree that it is time for an effective new voice in Richmond. Let’s go out and show the 38th that we are up for the up.

Pretty good, huh? Not only is it professional, but it is good that he is willing to work with her on debate formats. Most campaigns create their own formats and “challenge” the other side to their debates. Mr. Smith seems to be one of the few politicians wanting a debate for the voters, not just for sound bytes. This is a refreshing change.

I sent a few questions to the Smith campaign asking more about this. Here’s what he had to say,

Red NoVA: How important is it to have a debate for this seat?

Danny Smith:  Debates are critical to put the issues facing our community squarely in the public arena.  My opponent and I are running in an open seat and the voters deserve to put their questions to us and have them answered.  Our community is very civic oriented, and the people of the 38th would appreciate hearing from us both and contrasting our views about how to help Northern Virginia. Public debate is always a strengthening factor in our democracy and the citizens are well served when their prospective leaders explain their views openly.

RN: Do you think a debate would provide differences between you and your opponent?  

Danny: Yes, absolutely.  I believe my opponent and I have very different ideas on how issues should addresses and the people deserve to hear our various ideas and decide for themselves which one is the best.

RN: Given the district’s politics, is such a public debate is a good idea? 

Danny: Public debate is always good because it places the candidates in front of the voters who ultimately get to decide who they think is best to serve their community and represent them.  

RN: If she continues to ignore you, what will be the campaign’s response? 

Danny: We will continue to press for debates and we will go to the voters and answer any question they want to ask, with or without my opponent.  If my opponent wants to take this district for granted and is afraid to debate openly, then the citizens need to ask themselves what kind of delegate she would be in the General Assembly if she is afraid to face her opponent in the election cycle.

Should be interesting. I’ll provide updates as I get them. To read my interview with Danny Smith, click here.