July 2009

Tom Davis went on Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday and gave some advice to the GOP. Some may like it, others may not.  I may not always agree with him on some policies, but on winning and coalitions, he is dead-on right!

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This is a special guest post by Fairfax County Republican Comittee  Chairman Anthony Bedell. Thanks for posting, and thanks for all of your hard work, Chairman Bedell!

There is good news in Northern Virginia: The Republican Party is back and winning again in Fairfax County!

Republicans in Fairfax County have made great strides in 2009. It started with the amazing showing by Supervisor Pat Herrity who nearly pulled off a big upset and was narrowly defeated in the race for Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  Then one month later we elected Republican John Cook as our new Braddock Supervisor, gaining an important County Supervisor seat previously held by the Democrats for over 25 years. In May of 2009, the Fairfax County Republican Committee filed 1,600 delegates to the Virginia Republican State Convention in Richmond – double the number of delegates from 2008. We have also increased our local membership nearly 40% since December 2008. We have also seen a significant increase in fundraising which has allowed us to fund a very aggressive operations plan for the Fall campaigns.

Republican activism has increased in the wake of a Democrat-controlled agenda in Washington and in Richmond.  Our FCRC Headquarters is buzzing with activity and is packed with volunteers phone banking, stuffing envelopes, and setting out to go door-to-door for our candidates. Our Republican team is on offense and we are energized to win. 

The FCRC made candidate recruitment one of its top priorities since December 2008. The Committee delivered on that promise by fielding strong candidates in 15 out of 17 House seats in Fairfax County. This is a substantial increase from the 6 candidates we ran in 2007.  We also have a strong slate of statewide candidates, with Bob McDonnell running for Governor, Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor and Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General.

Over the past two weeks, Republican candidates for the House of Delegates spoke directly with over 100,000 voters in Fairfax County.  Using Tele-Town Halls, our candidates took their message of change and accountability directly to the voters.  The initiative was lead and directed by the Fairfax County Republican Committee. All fifteen Fairfax County HOD candidates participated in the Tele-Town Halls and discussed issues like the state of the economy, transportation, and government spending with Fairfax County voters. With only a little over three months to go before the elections, these forums will help give our House candidates a leg up on the competition as we head into a very busy and crowded Fall election season. This kind of early support and voter networking will make the difference in any close House of Delegates race in November.

I firmly believe that, come November, Northern Virginia Republicans will have much to celebrate. I expect statewide victories from the McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli campaigns, that we will retain our local incumbents, and will pick up additional seats in the House of Delegates. This will send a strong message that Virginia voters disagree with the direction the nation is headed under a Democrat President and Democrat-controlled Congress and do not want the same sorry fate for Virginia. Americans do not like one-party rule and I believe they will express this at the polls in November.

The 2009 elections will send a message across the nation that Virginia is still a red state driven by the idea that people are the solution, not the Government. The Democrats hit their high water mark in 2008 as their once popular presidential candidate is losing steam and their excessive taxation, zealous spending and liberal ideas fail to resonate with Virginia voters.

All our GOP House of Delegate candidates have gone door-to-door over the past few months in their districts, they all hear a similar theme from the voters – this is not the “change” they voted for and they don’t want to see a rubber stamp of the same policies here in Virginia.

The citizens of our Commonwealth deserve better. Instead of wasteful spending, increased taxes and no workable solutions for transportation, we need better leadership. The people are speaking and the Republicans have listened. We are now responding with ideas and solutions to our everyday problems by offering a real message of hope and economic recovery and prosperity.  Now the people are listening to our ideas and solutions and that is why Republicans will win in November.

Anthony Bedell was elected as FCRC Chairman in December of 2008.

Vicki Vasques
Vicki Vasques

Recently, I had an interview with Vicki Vasques, candidate for Delegate in the 45th district. I asked her about why she’s running, her views on the issues, and opinions on local politics. Let’s take a look.

Red NoVa: Why are you running?
Vasques: I was asked by ARCC Chairman Chris Marston if I would…I’m not a career politician. I have 30 years of public service in the Federal Government, and before that I was a teacher.

RN: What sorts of issues are you focusing on?
V: With my background, I have experience in the Department of Education and Energy. I’m focusing on conserving our resources and working with schools and rewarding them for their efforts.
RN : What sorts of education issues are you focusing on?
V: …Special education and being the advocate for them. I had a niece [who faced those issues] and learned a lot about the issues she faced..
RN: What about quality of life issues?
V: We need better roads and traffic patterns worked out. Then our families aren’t sitting in traffic. We need to help the dad trying to get home wanting to be with his family.
I was a single mom, and now married, I can tell you that I know the struggle. I’m  long time leader and grew up in a background where my father was tribal chairman. Going to him with meetings, I learned about issues and the value of a good leader. 
Delegate Englin is nice and likable, but we need more than that. I’m far from being a career politician. Its important that we have someone fresh.
RN: How are you running your campaign?
V: You can raise all the money you want, but the most important investment I can make is a pair of sneakers….If you reach out and find the independent voters and find the person (both Democrat and Republican) who vote for the person…I’m trying to meet everybody.
RN: Why has the GOP failed [in Virginia] in the past, and how do we reverse the trend?
V: I think instead of focusing on where we haven’t succeeded, we should focus on what we do right, like what we did [in Alexandria] on May 5th, and what we are going to do right on November 3rd. We got to get new voters and we got to get them to vote.
I then asked more about her background and to elaborate on her public service. After telling me about her service as a teacher, and in the Department of Education and Energy, she told me, “I helped write the American Indian Policy and helped create the Tribal College Initiative for the White House…I’ve always have a passion for public service.”
Wow! Another great candidate for Northern Virginia! Check out http://www.vasquesforva.com/ for more info.

Take a look at a couple of very interesting postings on the VA gubernatorial race.  Jennifer Rubin notices an interesting phenomenon:  that McDonnell is nationalizing the race.  Who’d’ve thunk it, in a year after Obama came into power having won Virginia and gotten a filibuster-proof Senate and larger majorities in the House, that it would be the GOP that is nationalizing the race!  Rubin makes some great points; you can read them here.

Also, in related news, apparently Obama is going to do a health-care town hall in Bristol, VA this Wednesday, and Creigh Deeds is not planning to show up.  This according to the National Journal.  Deeds won’t take a position on cap-and-trade, he’s waffling on health care, he won’t show up with The One to campaign in Bristol . . . what does Creigh Deeds really stand for? 

Reminds me of a a pitcher named Robinson Checo that the Boston Red Sox signed in the mid-1990s.  He pitched poorly in brief stints with the club and no one could ever figure out what he was about, he seemed unfocused, and he literally went missing and out of contact with the club at one point, earning the nickname “Mystery Man.”  Creigh Deeds appears to be Virginia’s Mystery Man.

In all seriousness, though, this highlights something I think has become apparent in the McDonnell campaign’s operation — they are not attacking Deeds; in fact, they are practically ignoring him.  Deeds has made it easy for McDonnell, by having no significant policy initiatives, and taking no positions on cap-and-trade, card check, or other pet Democratic legislation.  He wants to run in the middle, but his own politics and that of his Democrat buddies in Congress and at Tim Kaine’s DNC just won’t let him.

McDonnell shrewdly is pushing creative, private-sector-oriented solutions to serious local and statewide problems, and those solutions are philosophically diametrically opposted to Washington Democrats’ solutions.  McDonnell = smaller government, Democrats = more intrusive government and yawning deficits.  Americans are waking up to the Democrats’ plans, and they don’t like them, not one bit.  It’s a good time to be running against Washington Democrats, and McDonnell appears to be doing it.  But he is doing it in a positive way, with serious, pro-business and private sector plans, which only makes the Democrats look worse.

See the press release here.

Bobmcdonnell.com has a great youtube video showing him own Creigh Deeds in the debate! Watch it below.

Mcdonnell Header

Check out http://virginiatalks.com/ for a live video feed. Also, Red NoVa will be updating on twitter.

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