Chris MerolaRed NoVa recently caught up with Chris Merola, candidate for Delegate in the 53rd district! 

Chris, is a first generation Italian-American, whose parents lives were saved by the US Army in WW II.  He grew up in a blue-collar, working-class family.  At the age of 17, after graduating high school, Chris joined the US Army in order to earn tuition for college and give something back to the organization that saved his parents lives. He earned a bachelor of science and masters of arts degree from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, while working part time and serving in the Army National Guard.  He is the first and only person in his family to earn a post graduate degree. He recently bought a house with his wife and hopes to start a family soon. I sat down with him to talk about issues, why he is running, and his views on local politics. 
Red NoVA– Why are you running?

Chris MerolaWhen I found out that the man representing me as my state delegate, Jim Scott, was a tax and spender, who has been involved in Fairfax County politics for 33 years, I thought that someone had to stand up and challenge him…

RN- What issues will you be focusing on?

MerolaThe economy first of all. We have to cut taxes on personal incomes and on the business community in order to weather the storm of hyper-inflation and greater economic downturn which is coming soon. 

RN– Given Fairfax’s recent history [of Democratic tides], how will you run your campaign?

MerolaI believe in being honest. This is why I’m running. I think there are enough people out there desiring less governments spending, and finding new ways to fund transportation projects. If the economy is the number one issue, than transportation is number two issue.

RN– What is your background prior to running for Delegate?

Merola- I’ve been working in the political process for eight and a half years. I’ve worked for a Congresswomen in Pennsylvania.  After helping her get elected, I worked as her field rep and military/veterans liaison.  After moving to northern Virginia in 2003, I later worked for Congressman Todd Akin doing press work.

RN- Why have Republicans been unsuccessful recently in NOVA?

MerolaIn those campaigns, the message wasn’t resignating. People weren’t believing the Republican message as the Republicans lost their credibility. The GOP and the Bush administration spent too much and had the wrong plan for Iraq. Bush fatique played a huge role.
After seeing what is going on with the current Congress and the President, people are starting to re-think things. People are reminded again that when the GOP is elected — even under Bush — they still spend less money than Democrats.  Even Bush and the GOP spent less money than this current Congress and administration.  
There you go! Another great candidate that the voters in Fairfax have to be excited about! Check out his website  and be sure to check Red NoVa later in the week for information on how to help Chris’ campaign!