Get involved this weekend by walking for a candidate or speaking to the City Council! Our candidates this weekend need our help. Below are some volunteer opportunities for volunteering in NOVA!

Walk for Delegate Campaigns on Saturday!

What:  Walk with Sasha Gong for Delegate 
When:  9:30 a.m.
Where: 200 Cameron Station Blvd, Alexandria

 What:  Tim Nank for Delegate Campaign
When:  9:30 a.m.
Where: Bush Hill Elementary School, 5927 Westchester Street, Alexandria

  What: Walk with Jay McConville for Delegate 
When:  10 a.m.
Where: St. Luke’s Day School Parking Lot, 8009 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria

For those campaigns, contact  Adam at or call 804 814 1450 or contact Kiley Smith at or call 804 814 1752

What: Walk with Danny Smith for Delegate

When: 10 am 

Where: Weyanoke Elem. School parking lot

Contact: Parks at 703 300 7145

 Keep Alexandria Elections in May!

There is currently a movement to try and move the May City Council elections in the Fall to coincide with Federal elections and statewide elections. Many citizens believe that doing that will turn the city elections even more partisan and that they will be overshadowed by Federal and State elections. Voice your opinion Saturday at 9:30 am at the Alexandria City Hall!