Wonderful news coming out of VA-38! Voters have defeated Delegate Bob Hull in a primary, leaving Kay Kory to face Danny Smith.

Voters in Fairfax and Falls Church have said that enough is enough and that it is time to end the failed leadership from the past. With Delegate Hull now gone, this is now an open seat. Anything can happen. 

I believe with good GOTV efforts for Cuccinelli in his hometown of Fairfax, we can elect Danny Smith on the coattails of one of the strongest VA gubernatorial tickets in Virginia history!

Mr. Smith is a great candidate and I believe he’ll make a great Delegate. He’ll provide the solutions that Northern Virginia needs to fix our transportation mess, fight to keep taxes low, provide better education resources, and provide wonderful constituent services!

To get involved in his campaign, visit his website or follow him on twitter.

To see my conversation with him, click here.

Let’s go out and get Danny Smith elected!