Boy was I wrong! A near landslide for Senator Creigh Deeds. I guess that WaPo endorsement helped. Here were the totals:

Deeds: 127,881 (49.17%) (Not all precincts have reported. Click here for updates.)

McAuliffe: 69,639 (26.77%)

Moran: 62,548 (24.05%)

Lt. Governor- A landslide victory goes to Jody Wagner. Despite withdrawing, 10,593 people (4.53%) voted for John Bowerbank. Some jokers? or a statement? Here were the totals:

Wagner- 173,404 (74.20%) (Not all precincts have reported. Click here for updates.)

Signer- 49,700 (21.26%)

Bowerbank- 10,593 (4.53%)

HOD 47- What was surprising wasn’t that Patrick Hope won, but that Adam Parkhomenko came in third place. You’d think with his money, and super active campaign (I know people who got mail and calls almost every night)

Here were the totals:

Hope- 2,946 (36.6%)

Howze- 1,552 (19.28%)

Parkhomenko- 1,387 (17.23%)

Grant- 1,136 (14.11%)

Tobar- 1,026 (12.75%)

Earlier today, McDonnell released a response. Let’s watch.

Bill Bolling also released a press release. Check it out an except below:

“Bill Bolling’s 18 years of service in local government, the State Senate and as Lieutenant Governor make him by far the most qualified candidate to ever seek the Lieutenant Governor’s office and the only candidate who is prepared to be Governor should the need arise. His record of working with Republicans and Democrats to find solutions to the challenges facing Virginia provides a clear contrast with Ms. Wagner and her inexperienced and partisan approach to government.”

Now, for my take:

I think Deeds will be a strong oppenent, but I predict that Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling will beat Deeds and Wagner. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bolling wins by a larger margin. Jody Wagner is an especially weak candidate, and despite her landslide win, it’s clear that she’s made some enemies. I’m not sure what a failed Congressional candidate can do in a statewide race, after all Pat Muldoon recently suffered that fate. 

As for AG, that will be interesting. Ken can def. win, don’t get me wrong. But his race will be the hardest. We have two candidates from the exact opposite side of the aisle running for AG. Money and attacks will be poured into this race. In my mind, this is the one to watch. 

And now, check these out. Despite today being a Democratic primary, here was the view from some precincts.