Well, the Dems are all in a tizzy about losing two seats on the Alexandria City Council.  So, in their final months of complete control over the Council, they’re trying to move Alexandria city council elections to November.  That way, they figure, the up ticket races will get people to come out to vote for Dems in the down ticket races to get them across the finish line.  Basically, the Dems lost the game, so they want to change the rules.  Alexandria Republicans, make your voice heard and stand up to keep city council elections in May!

Councilman-elect Frank Fannon weighed in with this letter to the people of Alexandria:

Dear Fellow Alexandrians:

On May 5th the citizens of Alexandria elected new leadership to serve as their voice on local issues over the next three years.  The new City Council takes office on July 1st and the next few weeks are an opportunity for incumbents and new members to work together in the best interest of the city.  This is not a time to forge new policy.

The current issue at hand is the timing of the City Council election and moving it from May to November.  For years this has been a topic of conversation and has yet to be resolved.  On the heels of an election that yielded unexpected results to some, this issue has emerged as a priority by the current Alexandria City Council.

Alexandrians voted for a more balanced City Council in order to gain fresh perspectives and ideas.  Pushing through political legislation during a lameduck session isn’t putting the citizens of Alexandria first.   

The existing Alexandria City Council is holding a public hearing on Saturday, June 13 at 9:30am at City Hall (301 King Street) to hear your opinion on moving City Council elections from May to November beginning in 2012.  Here’s what you can do to get involved:

1.  Contact Alexandria City Council members by phone or email to let them know you support May elections.  You can find all current city council members contact information on the city website at www.alexandriava.gov/Council.

 2.  Speak in person on June 13th to share your opinion.  You may register in advance to speak by calling the City Clerk at (703)838-4550 or come and register that day.

Following the public hearing, the Council will take action on the proposed ordinance. 

You will read and hear opinions leaning both ways on this issue.  I want you to keep in mind that Alexandria isn’t alone holding May local elections; at least 28 neighboring cities have elections outside of November, the majority occurring in May.  These are in Fairfax County, Prince William County and Prince Georges County.  There are good reasons to separate local politics from national and state level campaigns and I hope you will show your support for continued May City Council elections.


Frank Fannon IV

Alexandria City Councilman-elect