Red NoVa recently had an interview with Delegate Tim Hugo! We talked about his district, issues of importance to him, and Fairfax’s politics.

We started off by talking about the politics of his district given recent Democratic gains in Fairfax,

I still think its a center-right district…I work on things that are important for the district…I think that many people are having buyer’s remorse for voting for Obama. People are concerned about taxes and too much government. 

We then talked about some of the losses in Republicans seats in 2007.

One of the things that we didn’t do well two years ago as a party is recruit good candidates. This year we have 13 of the 14 seats with Republicans running. If you look this year, we have a lot of A plus candidates…I feel like the tide is turning.

We then moved on to issues, starting with NOVA’s favorite issue: transportation.

Transportation continues to be a strong topic here [in Northern Virginia]. Making sure that our money goes to transportation has got to be a top priority. Fairfax wanted to try to divert money targeted to transportation. I passed a bill to stop that. Money raised for transportation should go to transportation.

After our discussion on issues, we talked more about why our local candidates didn’t do so well in 2007.

The War in Iraq and President Bush [had an effect]. In the end, history will vindicate him, but in the short run it was a popularity contest. I strongly feel that the tide is turning.

He then moved on to the Governor’s race this fall,

Over the last 30 years, when the GOP held the Presidency, the Democrats won VA’s Governor race. Same true the other way.  I think McDonnell will do a good job and win….I think Ken Cuccinelli is a tremendous plus for the Republican ticket. I’ve been a big support of Ken. In fact, I’m his Delegate.

Turning to Delegate races,

There is always a lot of suprises. I think Comstock will have a tremendous race. Caputo will have a tremendous race. A sleeper candidate might be Jay McConville. We’ve just got a slew of top notch candidates. And that’s just NOVA.

There you! Be sure to go out and campaign for Tim Hugo! Democrats are targeting him hard and he needs our help!