We continue our “Meet the candidate” series with a wonderful candidate for the 38th District, Danny Smith!

Mr. Smith has been involved in public service and the GOP for a long time. He’s worked for Senator Baker, President Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and has worked in the financial services industry. 

I caught up with Mr. Smith at the convention, and we talked about his candidacy, his views on the issues, and his opinions on recent GOP elections. I started off by asking why he entered the race,

I care about my community and what goes on in it. I look at the last almost two decades of the representation that the district has had, and I don’t think its been served very well…I decided that someone on our side of the aisle needed to stand up and address the problems that we’re facing.

What sorts of issues will you be focusing on?

One of the first is transportation. For to long me and my neighbors have sent 40% of the revenue that goes down to Richmond, and gotten only about 14-15% back to fix our roads. The roads are in bad shape. That becomes a quality of life issue. 

The second thing is that we have to do something about this economic downturn we’re in. We have a lot of people in the area where I live where people lost their jobs, small businesses are hurting…Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. We’ve got to be able to put some incentives together to get them moving again and to get our neighbors back to work.

We then moved on to talk about why the GOP has been losing local elections in recent years, and how to make a comeback.

I think one of the things is that we have got to go out and talk to people on a one on one basis of what the core principles of our party are. We’re for less government, less taxes, less intrusion in people’s lives….

I don’t think we’ve done a good job at that. I think we’ve let the other party party paint an image of us. We’ve also got to get more young people in the party. It seems like there is a generational gap….One of the ways we want to fix that is engage every voter. We’ve got to talk to young people about what makes our party strong.

Finally, we talked about the area’s politics.

I’m not discouraged by the numbers that I see. I ran for this seat back in 2001…When I look at the past voting history, I see them, I recognize them, but I see that our party’s principles are strong. We don’t have to be discouraged by the past.

Nothing I’ve ever done has been easy. I’m not just trying to ask people for their vote. I’m trying to earn it. That’s what our party has to do. That’s how we’ll turn around around our party.

There you go! Residents in Falls Church and Fairfax have a great candidate to rally behind. Check out his website for more info!