Jim Hyland, running in VA-35

Jim Hyland, running in VA-35

Attorney Jim Hyland is running for Delegate to replace Steve Shannon! Imagine the excitement Republicans will have when we not only win the Attorney General election, but when we steal Delegate Steve Shannon’s seat! 

Red NoVa sat down with Mr. Hyland recently and talked about why he’s running, his stances on the issues, and his views on the Republican Party in Virginia! 

We started off by asking why he entered the race,

I’ve lived in the district my entire live. I’ve always had an interest in serving the State and local community. I ran four years ago…I decided to run again again with Steve Shannon running for Attorney General.

The seat that Mr. Hyland is running for has been held by a Democrat, Steven Shannon since 2004. I asked him if the seat was winnable,

Absolutely. The district was a Republican district for a long time. It was held by Jeannemarie Devolites Davis. When Shannon won it was considered an upset. It was the time when things were starting to turn against us.

Having run before, I saw a low of anger at the GOP. That’s gone.

I then asked him what issues he’ll be focusing on,

Transportation, healthcare, energy, education. All of these are important.

Transportation is critical. Kaine did nothing for eight years. NOVA has never gotten its fair share.

We got to keep VA a business friendly and a right to work state. 

Energy: We need to be drilling off shore for natural gas. It could bring us a lot of energy, be profitable, and be environmentally sound.

Finally, we talked about why the GOP has been losing some of these local seats, and how we can pick them back up.

The perception of the GOP was negative during the later Bush years. The war in Iraq, scandals in D.C., the spending- this all hurt our local candidates, especially since we’re so close to it.

[2009] is different. I think we’ll have some pickups.

There you go! Visit his website for more info!