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11:29-  I stand b4 you as your candidate for governor in the greatest state, in the greatest nation!

11:31- Entire Bob McDonnell family on stage


11:34-Big applause for Mr. Sean Hannity! Loud cheers!

11:36- Hannity is giving shout outs to VA elected officals. Got a shoutout to Ms. Comstock

11:38- Making jokes about Alan Colmes. Said his bday present was a hunting trip with VP Cheney.

11:41- talking about Mr. Obama’s spending

11:43- Talking about Obama more: spending, making bad jokes, bowing to King of S. Arabia, talking pics of NYC in an airplane, etc. haha

11:47- now talking about how great America is. The “advancement over the past 200 years”

11:48- said now is not the time to make our party more moderate.

11:51- says we must make clear the differences btw Dems and  Republicans

11:52- lol he is saying “yes we can”

11:55- said he really had to tone his jokes down. Terry McAuliffe is here…lol big boos there

11:56- Big cheers on drilling

11:59- Now giving some commentary on sotomayor.

12:01- “America is the single best hope for man on this earth!”

“The country needs you VA!” End

12:03- Now some Convention business. Unit Chairman are picking up ballots

Ken Cuccinelli got the most cheers! Dave Foster got some wild cheers from Arlington.

12:12- first speeches for Lt. Gov: Bill Bolling is up. Loud Cheers.

12:14 – Proud to cast the tie breaking vote to deny Planned Parenthood funding!

12:15- Talking about marriage amendment, and how pro-life he is..

12:16- Listed many gun endorsements.

12:17- Basically just said “I’m more conservative than Pat Muldoon”

12:22 Muldoon is up. Giving an anti-establishment speech

12:29- He’s getting some support. Getting a few cheers. Basically talking on how conservative he is.

12:33- AG speech time. I’ll be updating that on twitter.

12:44 – Ken Cuccinelli time. I’ll be updating that on twitter

12:54 – Dave Foster time. I’ll be updating that on twitter

1:04 – Chairman speeches I’ll be updating that on twitter