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10:23 update-

Convention just started! Pledge, and Invocation!

Now watching a video about Bob McDonnell.

10:24- Bill Bolling! getting standing ovations. I’ll be blogging Bill’s speech ontwitter.

10:35- some speakers are now up talking about Bob McDonnell. There’s a Col. up talking about his military record.

10:38- A Deputy AG was up.


I’ll be covering, but if you wanna watch it live, click here.

11:02 – Largest convention in 15 years. Lounds cheers of “Go Bo Go!”

11:04- Saying that he is the only candidate that “has twin 17 year old boys who just got their driver lisc.”

“I am ready to lead if you are ready to win.”

11:06- Now talking about challenges. Job loss, too few scientist and engineers. Too much traffic.

11:11- Talking about how he grew up in Fairfax County and his background.

Talking about Notre Dame, and serving in the army.

11:13- Talking about his “landslide” victory against Deeds for AG

11:15- talking about “making VA the best place for small business.”

11:16- talking about how he supports drilling for oil and natural gas

11:22- Some pics

11:24- talking about how Dems are the party of “No”