Recently, Red NoVa had the chance to talk to Lt. Governor candidate Patrick Muldoon. Pat, an attorney, beef cattle farmer and former nominee for Congress, is now running for Lt. Governor. We had a chance to talk about why he’s running, his policies, and his views on the Virginia Republican Party.

We started off by talking about what kind of Lt. Governor he would be.

I would be very active. I’d use the office to advance the conservative agenda….

I want my government to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I want my property rights to be defended. That is something that the Lt. Governor can do.

We need a strong Lt. Governor. I don’t think we have one. When I was getting signatures to get on the ballot, people didn’t know who our current Lt. Governor (Bill Bolling) was. Its a part time job, but a full time responsibility. 

We also talked about Mr. Muldoon’s chances, given the fact that most party leaders are supporting Bolling.

In 2008, we saw groups of people line up behind Gilmore. Look where that got us.

Everywhere I go and speak, I know that I gain support….I would love to have a debate with Mr. Bolling. We’ve had 27 AG debates but no Lt. Governor debate. It shows that he doesn’t care. We should play like the rest of them.

We then moved on to talk about the issues,

I’m a huge advocate of the 2nd Amendment. I know what its for. Not only just for hunting rights; It is our last hope to fend of a threat of the government taking over.

In transportation, we need new public-private partnerships.

We need to cut spending, and as a minimum, bring spending back to the 2006 levels.

I would promote and protect our traditional family values, most importantly the rights of the unborn.

There you go! Mr. Muldoon and Mr. Bolling are the two candidates for Lt. Governor. Voting is taking place this weekend at the Richmond convention.