UPDATE: TURNOUT IS LOW! Looks like turnout is about 16-18%. Check back later, I’ll post results.

Residents of Alexandria,

Today is an extremely important day. Today we have a serious chance of winning at least one (maybe more) seats on the Alexandria City Council. Democratic bloggers, including NLS  are scared. They know that the Republicans in Northern Virginia are ready and motivated for real change! Think of the progress we have made already in Alexandria and this year thus far:

Joe Murray – 16 votes away from winning a “safe” Democratic seat

Pat Herritty – 1% away from winning the Fairfax County Chairman’s race

John Cook –  Elected in a “safe” Democratic seat 

Friends we can do it again! Remember to vote Tuesday May 5th for Frank Fannon, Phil Cefaratti, and Alicia Hughes. Polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm. If you need a ride, call 703-395-5510. To see my interviews with the candidates, click on the 2009 elections tab above!


Not Jim Moran