May 2009

The Winning ticket for Victory in November has been decieded! It it:

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Check back on Sunday for the Convention wrap up and final commentary.

The first round of voting has begun, and can last up to 2 hours! There are some singers on the stage now.

Stay with Red NoVA and with us on twitter for updates.

2:27- Senator George Allen is on stage speaking. See twitter for updates

3:06- Just heard from Gilmore, and now Congressman Forbes

3:15- A new US citizen is talking about Freedom

He’s getting some big cheers “I’m not an Arab American or a Middle Eastern American, but an American!” Big cheers…maybe a potential run for office?

3:33 pm- Frank Fannon is on the stage!

3:36- Trivia: Who was the first GOP Governor in the 20th Century?

A-George Allen

B-John Dalton

C-Linwood Holton (Correct Answer)

D-Mills Godwin

Bob McDonnell grew up in which county?




D-Fairfax (Correct Answer)

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Check out the blog here or on twitter for updates all day long of what’s going on at the 2009 Convention!

11:29-  I stand b4 you as your candidate for governor in the greatest state, in the greatest nation!

11:31- Entire Bob McDonnell family on stage


11:34-Big applause for Mr. Sean Hannity! Loud cheers!

11:36- Hannity is giving shout outs to VA elected officals. Got a shoutout to Ms. Comstock

11:38- Making jokes about Alan Colmes. Said his bday present was a hunting trip with VP Cheney.

11:41- talking about Mr. Obama’s spending

11:43- Talking about Obama more: spending, making bad jokes, bowing to King of S. Arabia, talking pics of NYC in an airplane, etc. haha

11:47- now talking about how great America is. The “advancement over the past 200 years”

11:48- said now is not the time to make our party more moderate.

11:51- says we must make clear the differences btw Dems and  Republicans

11:52- lol he is saying “yes we can”

11:55- said he really had to tone his jokes down. Terry McAuliffe is here…lol big boos there

11:56- Big cheers on drilling

11:59- Now giving some commentary on sotomayor.

12:01- “America is the single best hope for man on this earth!”

“The country needs you VA!” End

12:03- Now some Convention business. Unit Chairman are picking up ballots

Ken Cuccinelli got the most cheers! Dave Foster got some wild cheers from Arlington.

12:12- first speeches for Lt. Gov: Bill Bolling is up. Loud Cheers.

12:14 – Proud to cast the tie breaking vote to deny Planned Parenthood funding!

12:15- Talking about marriage amendment, and how pro-life he is..

12:16- Listed many gun endorsements.

12:17- Basically just said “I’m more conservative than Pat Muldoon”

12:22 Muldoon is up. Giving an anti-establishment speech

12:29- He’s getting some support. Getting a few cheers. Basically talking on how conservative he is.

12:33- AG speech time. I’ll be updating that on twitter.

12:44 – Ken Cuccinelli time. I’ll be updating that on twitter

12:54 – Dave Foster time. I’ll be updating that on twitter

1:04 – Chairman speeches I’ll be updating that on twitter

Check out the blog here or on twitter for updates all day long of what’s going on at the 2009 Convention!

10:23 update-

Convention just started! Pledge, and Invocation!

Now watching a video about Bob McDonnell.

10:24- Bill Bolling! getting standing ovations. I’ll be blogging Bill’s speech ontwitter.

10:35- some speakers are now up talking about Bob McDonnell. There’s a Col. up talking about his military record.

10:38- A Deputy AG was up.


I’ll be covering, but if you wanna watch it live, click here.

11:02 – Largest convention in 15 years. Lounds cheers of “Go Bo Go!”

11:04- Saying that he is the only candidate that “has twin 17 year old boys who just got their driver lisc.”

“I am ready to lead if you are ready to win.”

11:06- Now talking about challenges. Job loss, too few scientist and engineers. Too much traffic.

11:11- Talking about how he grew up in Fairfax County and his background.

Talking about Notre Dame, and serving in the army.

11:13- Talking about his “landslide” victory against Deeds for AG

11:15- talking about “making VA the best place for small business.”

11:16- talking about how he supports drilling for oil and natural gas

11:22- Some pics

11:24- talking about how Dems are the party of “No”

Recently, Red NoVa had the chance to talk to Lt. Governor candidate Patrick Muldoon. Pat, an attorney, beef cattle farmer and former nominee for Congress, is now running for Lt. Governor. We had a chance to talk about why he’s running, his policies, and his views on the Virginia Republican Party.

We started off by talking about what kind of Lt. Governor he would be.

I would be very active. I’d use the office to advance the conservative agenda….

I want my government to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I want my property rights to be defended. That is something that the Lt. Governor can do.

We need a strong Lt. Governor. I don’t think we have one. When I was getting signatures to get on the ballot, people didn’t know who our current Lt. Governor (Bill Bolling) was. Its a part time job, but a full time responsibility. 

We also talked about Mr. Muldoon’s chances, given the fact that most party leaders are supporting Bolling.

In 2008, we saw groups of people line up behind Gilmore. Look where that got us.

Everywhere I go and speak, I know that I gain support….I would love to have a debate with Mr. Bolling. We’ve had 27 AG debates but no Lt. Governor debate. It shows that he doesn’t care. We should play like the rest of them.

We then moved on to talk about the issues,

I’m a huge advocate of the 2nd Amendment. I know what its for. Not only just for hunting rights; It is our last hope to fend of a threat of the government taking over.

In transportation, we need new public-private partnerships.

We need to cut spending, and as a minimum, bring spending back to the 2006 levels.

I would promote and protect our traditional family values, most importantly the rights of the unborn.

There you go! Mr. Muldoon and Mr. Bolling are the two candidates for Lt. Governor. Voting is taking place this weekend at the Richmond convention.

Foster HeaderBefore I begin my endorsement, let me first say that I am extremely proud of the choices that we have for Attorney General. Throughout this campaign, I had the honor and privilege to talk to all three our of candidates, and I must say: I would be happy to campaign for all three of them, and I think that all three would not only win, but would make great Attorney Generals. 

However, out of the three choices that we have, one of them stands out. That person is Dave Foster. Red NoVa is proud to endorse him. Mr. Foster knows the challenges that our party faces, and is prepared to protect and defend our Virginia values.

To our ticket, Mr. Foster brings three things: electability, a legal background, and conservative credentials. These are the three things that we need to help win in November. 


Most Republicans find it hard to win or even do well in Arlington. Arlington, the bluest part of Northern Virginia, has generally given Republicans roughly 30% in the polls. Heck, Senator John McCain received 27% of the vote in 2008. Dave Foster is the only Republican or Independent to win in Arlington in over 25 years. In Democratic Arlington County, he was elected twice! The second time he ran, he recieved 62% of the vote!

Dave Foster will is not only electable, but will definitely bring new voters to our ticket. He knows how to win and do well in blue areas, an attribute that will help Republicans not only this year, but years to come.

Legal Background

Professionally, Mr. Foster has been a partner at Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. since 1990. He’s represented businesses and taxpayers before courts from the Commonwealth of Virginia to the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s prepared to defend taxpayers, cut red tape, and bring in new jobs to our Commonwealth.

Conservative Credentials

When most politicians get elected, they abandon their principles and only focus on re-election. Mr. Foster did not do that. After winning in a Democratic County, he stood up for conservative values as a Chairman of the School Board, by reduced class sizes, bringing in more foreign languages, cutting debt, improving school safety, and ending racial preferences in school assignments.

Mr. Foster also has a deep devotion to the Republican Party. He was the Arlington County Chairman for Senator John Warner’s campaign. In 2007, he was the chairman of GOPAC-Virginia, and has been a 25-year member of the Arlington Republican Committee.


In summary, Red NoVA is proud to stand behind the many who are lining up to make Dave Foster the next Attorney General, including, Former Congressman Tom Davis, Too Conservative, Former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese, Former Solitior General Ted Olsen, Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, ACRC Chairman Mark Kelly, and many more! 

I hope that you will join me in voting for Dave Foster for Attorney General at the convention this weekend!

Card Check…Dun Dun Dah!

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