Alicia Hughes

Alicia Hughes

Hello readers! Red NoVA recently had a talk with Alicia Hughes, candidate for the Alexandria City Council.

Alicia, a proud member of the Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club, is running as an Independent in this election.

When asked why she was running, Alicia responded,

I have a background that will bring a lot to the council and I have a passion for serving the people.

She also commented on her diverse background, and how that would help bring perspective to the City Council.

There are 10 candidates running in this election. Out of the 10, there are only 2 women, and only 1 is a person of color. Not only that, I believe that I’m the only single person in this election. I will represent many different constituencies. 

She also said that the two women running are extremely different.

We then starting talking about issues that affect Alexandria, starting with business and education,

Alexandria is not business friendly. We need to keep the tax burden low…

As an educator, I understand the issues that affect education. I can bring my experience to the table….I am a major supporter of early childhood education.

We then moved on to transportation,

We need to revisit the way the DASH system is operated. Currently, not all communities are being served by it…Also, the idea of having a metro stop at Potomac Yards has come up too..We do need it.

We then finished up  by talking about her qualifications for City Council,

I have a background in land grant use and legal decisions. Also, public policy and education. Put all of those together…those would serve me well.

There you go Alexandria! Be sure to vote for her on Tuesday, May 5th!