Word broke earlier this afternoon that Former Senator and Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has endorsed Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General!

In his statement, Senator Thompson said:  “…one candidate stands out as the person dedicated to the First Principles on which our nation was founded.  That candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, is the best choice for all citizens of Virginia to serve as the chief legal authority for the coming four years.”

Thompson’s name now get’s added to the list of big time endorsements, including,

Tom Davis (endorsing Foster)

Rob Wittman (endorsing Cuccinelli)

Mike Huckabee (endorsing Cuccinelli)

Jerry Kilgore (endorsing Brownlee)

The Thompson endorsement makes me wonder if other Virginia movers and shakers will endorse. Namely,

Eric Cantor

Jim Gilmore

Jeff Fredrick (this would be interesting)