Today, Bob MCDonnell released the following statement on the 2nd Aniversary of the VT tragedy. 

Bob’s Statement on the Second Anniversary of Virginia Tech Tragedy

“Today we remember the tragedy at Virginia Tech. We remember those we lost, those who were injured, and all those who were touched by one of the darkest days in Virginia history. While two years have passed the memory of that tragic day remains fresh. The tears, the anger, the sadness, the loss can return at a moment’s notice. Time has passed, the moment has not.

We remember where we were as the first reports of the tragedy began to break. Many of us remember calling loved ones to find out about friends and family who were at the school. And we remember, immediately following those first desperate hours, the emergence of the very best of Virginia.

Governor Tim Kaine, traveling to Asia, returned immediately without a moment wasted. Through his words and actions he led our Commonwealth with courage and character. Our law enforcement officials, facing a tragedy without historical precedent, served bravely and selflessly.  Virginians prayed together, cried together, and mourned together. And two years later we continue to recover, together.

In the days and weeks after the tragedy Virginians forgot about old divisions, and united to make our Commonwealth safer. We made quick improvements in the mental health laws related to purchases of firearms, and the General Assembly passed further mental health improvements in the next session.

Two years later the tragedy of April 16th, 2007 remains with us. We continue to pray for all those impacted by the devastating events of that sad day.  We continue to remember family members and friends who lost loved ones, or who had a loved one injured. And we continue to take strength from the courage and compassion shown by the Virginia Tech student body and community. They made all Virginians, “Hokies Forever.”