Voter suppression is not a joke! It must be condemned! How dare they tell voters to go vote on the wrong date! Those Republicans!

Except there’s one problem. It is the Democrats telling people to go vote on the wrong day. Watch this video of Congressman Gerry Connolly, telling people to tell their Republican friends to vote on the wrong day. Sharon Bulova is seen next to him, laughing.

Recently, we saw Gov. Mike Huckabee make a joke about keeping the Democrats home this Nov. Let’s watch,

Both Terry McAuliffe and Creigh Deeds, as well the DPV have been making a big deal about this, asking Bob McDonnell to denounce Mike Huckabee.


Where were they when Democratic Congressman Gerry Connolly told voters to go vote on the wrong day? This is unacceptable. Contact Terry, Deeds, and the DPV, and ask them why they didn’t denounce Connolly as well. Ask them why its ok for Democrats to make voter-suppression jokes, but its bad for the world when Republicans make similar ones.