April 2009

Yesterday, the Aaron Ringel campaign released a press release, offically announcing his bid for Delegate in Virginia’s 48th district. Below is the text,


Will Focus Campaign On Need For New Voice In Richmond

ARLINGTON, VA –Today Aaron Ringel is pleased to announce his candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates to represent the people of Arlington County. Mr. Ringel is the Republican candidate running against Democrat Robert Brink.


Aaron Ringel

Aaron Ringel

Mr. Ringel, at the age of 28, already has distinguished himself as a dedicated public servant. Joining the United States Marine Corps in January of 2001, Mr. Ringel served 6 years in the Reserves including a tour in Iraq where he served as an Arabic linguist. After completing his service with the Marine Corps, Mr. Ringel returned to Virginia where he worked as an aide for a Member of Congress. On Capitol Hill Mr. Ringel specialized in the issues of energy, environment, defense, veteran’s affairs and social services.

“Right now Arlington faces a real crisis of leadership and now is the time for our citizens to have a public servant who puts people ahead of politics. From my career and time in the military I have learned that serving ones country is a duty not to be taken lightly. At all times I will commit to being the voice of the people, from the people. These are the principles that I will put to work on behalf of Arlington and its families,” said Ringel. 

Ringel added, “I am honored and humbled to be the Republican candidate. This campaign will not be easy and I recognize that. But with hard work and the support of the community I feel confident that we will take the voice of all Arlington residents back to Richmond where it has long been missing. I look forward to this challenge and presenting my positive platform of new leadership for Arlington and our great state of Virginia.”

Throughout his entire career Mr. Ringel has believed that “public service is a public trust.” As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates he will uphold that trust by bringing new leadership and representation to the people of the 48th district. His campaign will focus on the issues most pertinent to Arlington, including encouraging small business growth, ensuring our children’s education properly prepares them for the challenges of the 21st century, promoting new and existing transportation projects, and creating transparency and promoting fiscal responsibility in government.

Obama is addressing the Nation at 8  pm ET. Check back later for video and full coverage.


Obama Press Conference

An update on the story about Arlen Specter’s party switch.

The Hill reports that several Senate leaders are taking Specter up on his offer to return contributions from the most recent cycle upon request.


I hope NRSC or the Republican Party of Pennsylvania writes to all of Specter’s donors and asks them to request a refund, which the donors can then send to a Republican campaign or organization.

His haul last cycle was over $22M. Check out his contributors at http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/summary.php?type=C&cid=N00001604&newMem=N&cycle=2008

If there’s anyone you know on the list, make sure to tell them to get their money back.

Hello readers of Red NoVA! We recently had a chance to talk to Delegate candidate Barbara Comstock. Barbara is running a very exciting race, one which could easily be won! 

She’s running in VA-34, which includes McClean, Great Falls, Herndon, and Vienna.

We started off by asking,

Why did you enter the race?

I’ve lived in the area for over 25 years. I was very concerned about the the direction state was heading. Things like business, education and tax policy. Really the quality of life issues, and wanting to maintain the top quality of life that we’ve been known for in Virginia and Northern Virginia.

We then talked about the prospects of winning the seat.

It is definitely winnable. It was a 40 year Republican seat, that was only lost by about 500 votes last time. Congressman Frank Wolf, who I’ve worked with, he’s won this area by 63% percent, delivering on those quality of live issues. Frank Wolf is my model in terms of the type of the representative I’d like to be…

Moving on to issues,

Economic issues are the most important this year. If you start driving business away, there is a downward spiral. 

On transportation, with the census and redistricting, you are going to have more urban representation [after the 2010 census]. This will be a major opportunity. Northern VA has never been getting its share of the transportation dollars.

In a recession, economics 101 says that raising taxes is not an option…

[On the environment] In VA, we have the opportunity to have the High Tech community lead the fight on green jobs. Telework too. This is something where you can create flexibility, and be more creative on creating green jobs.

[On education] For VA Universities, we need to have more slots go to VA students. Delegate Tim Hugo has a bill regarding that, and I would support that.

Then, moving on to her qualifications,

I’ve lived in the area for 25 years, I’m a business woman, an attorney, I’ve served on the Hill, I’ve worked at the Justice Department. I’ve worked with a variety of government agencies on a wide variety of issues. 

I know my community really well. My husband is an educator. I’ve put my kids through school, two are going to Virginia schools….


Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock

In conclusion,


We’ll be knocking on doors everyday, addressing the quality of life issues. Those aren’t red or blue. It’s about are we going to move forward, or go back to failed polices of the 30’s or the 70’s…I encourage people to come out and volunteer, we’ll be working hard!

There you! Voters in VA-34 have a great candidate to rally around! I’m sure we’ll be hearing from her some more. In the meantime, check out her website here.

Below are some photos and a video from Bob McDonnell‘s Monday press conference on Energy and Jobs.



In a statement, Specter said,

“I now find my political philosophy more in line with Democrats than Republicans..”


As well all know, John Brownlee was recently endorsed by Jerry Kilgore

Well, now we have another name added to the list of endorsements. Former Solicitor General Ted Olson has endorsed Dave Foster for A.G.!

In his statement, Mr. Olson said,

“Dave Foster is one of the brightest legal minds I know.  He will bring a solid legal resume and a wealth of experience to the Office of Attorney General.”

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