Since Obama has decided that Gitmo is unfair and should be closed (the prisoners gain 7lbs per year…oh yeah they are treated so poorly! pfft.) they are seeking new locations for the detainees. Alexandria, Virginia’s maximum security prison is one of the possibilities in the contract which is responsible for the terrorists relocation. The prisoner’s will not be allowed any televisions or news outlets but they will still be located minutes from the United States capital. I guess since the President isn’t allowed to surround himself with his former terrorist pals like Bill Ayers and Revered Wright he will be importing new buddies. I feel that having these Gitmo detainees so close the capital (or even inside the U.S.) is a very bad idea. But since the liberals want to be so buddy-buddy with these men…why not invite them to a nice family dinner at the white house? Or maybe send them out to California–I’m sure we can find host families for these guys.

Hollywood families and individuals that should be nominated to become host families for the Gitmo guys:

  • The Affleck’s
  • The Damon’s
  • Mr. Dicaprio
  • The Baldwin’s (minus one)
  • Mr. Timberlake
  • Mr. Michael Moore
  • Joy Behar