…the campaigning and election ended months ago. Enough with the Jay Leno appearances (that went well didn’t it?), the oh so hip Youtube videos, the laughing about serious issues on 60 minutes. Enough. You won! I swear, I won’t be surprised when I start seeing Obama on TMZ and People.com between Lohan and Spears in the “LOOK THE STARS ARE JUST LIKE YOU” section. You are not a pop star so stop acting like one!

With that said: let’s address some current scandals, er, uh, I mean stories. This whole AIG (or Bonusgate, perhaps?) is a total fiasco. Obama, Dodd, and Geithner all keep playing the blame game like a bunch of preschoolers but lets be honest…they all knew what was going on. By the way, does anyone know or realize that Mr. Obama’s mother worked with Mr. Geithner’s father back in the 70’s? Just something to think about. We all know about this whole AIG thing so we’re moving on for now.

The Obama Administration really confuses me. I’m not understanding why they want to force volunteering (coerced volunteering, uh what?) in bills they’ve recently drawn up but they want to take money from charities. Isn’t that a political oxymoron of sorts? Basically Obama believes everyone should volunteer (I agree) but if its forced then what’s the point?

The scariest thing is that the government might have the chance to approve what organization you volunteer for. WHAT?! Doesn’t the government have enough say in what we do already? Most the of the individuals that will be volunteering are younger and easily influenced. The others are the ones in college who are just leaving the nest and trying to figure out things on their own, by “things” I mean political beliefs. Most high school students agree with their parents on political ideals but once they leave home they can become easily influenced.

So here’s how I see this working out: a conservative high schooler gets into a college and freshman year applies to volunteer at conservative organization X but the government denies it and suggests a few other options liberal organizations X, Y and Z. I think the liberals have enough control in our lives and educational settings and they do not need anymore.

On top of that Obama wants to tax charitable donations (think churches). Are you serious? Charities need all the help they can get right now! Look around at our economy and the current state of the U.S., we need those charities in full working order!

What a mess!

It’s been about 2.5 months since Obama took office…

and I’m still proudly displaying my McCain/Palinsticker on the back of my car!