Hello Red NoVA readers! It is my great honor and privilege to introduce you to Kerry Bolognese, candidate for Delegate in VA-41. 

Kerry has lived in Northern Virginia for 30 years, served the Republican party as a precinct captain, and has been actively involved in his community. Let’s see what he had to say…

We started off by asking Kerry why he got into the race. 

My initial reason to run was seeing Dave Marsden go unopposed last time. I couldn’t believe it….You can sit back and complain all you want, or you can do something…that’s why I got into this race.

Mr. Bolognese went on to talk about his chances of winning,

It is absolutely winnable. I looked at his voting record, he is vulnerable there. I went to the Advance in December, and talked to Majority Leader Griffith and Chairman Fredrick, and both said that it was winnable. Its a matter of turnout in the Republican areas and getting the Independents in the Democratic areas.

He also cited specific issues that he thinks that Marsden is vulnerable on,

He’s week on crime, has voted against small business, and has voted against right to work laws. He has also voted to raise taxes….

When I go door to door, people are worried about their future and their jobs. It is all related to the economy…people do not want to see their taxes go up…

He then went on to say he plans on campaigning…

Right now I am putting together a campaign plan. I’m not known that well, so I’m going door to door and getting the grassroots-the Ken Cuccinelli model.

Speaking of Ken Cuccinelli, Bolognese offered his support for Ken in the AG race,

I’m a delegate for Ken Cuccinelli. I’ve know him for quite some time and have him to thank for getting involved in politics….Ken is a grassroots kind of guy. You can have all of the big name endorsements that you want, but in the end, you need the voters.

We then went on to talk about recent elections and why the GOP has been doing so poorly. 

The GOP really hasn’t had a lot of great candidates. We need to articulate better on the issues as well. When you try to appease to everybody, people don’t know where you stand. That was John McCain’s problem…We won in 1994 partially because of GOPAC-candidate recruitment. We recruited strong candidates for local elections, running for open seats, and even challenging some Democrats. It worked. The GOP needs to get their act together in order to win.

Thanks to Kerry Bolognese, who agreed for a chat with Red NoVA! You’ll be hearing from him before the election is over, I promise!