Apparently we can add extortion to the lovely list of activities ACORN undertakes on behalf of liberal causes.  One year after trashing the voter rolls with fraudulent voter registration activities (with pending indictments in several states), ACORN now stands accused of shaking down corporations with protest-for-hire services on behalf of various liberal causes and unions, including SEIU.  Hello, RICO! 

They even gave it a name: “Muscle for the Money”.  Very simple, really.  ACORN’s professional protesters show up in front of a company, yell and scream, until the company makes a donation to ACORN or someone else to make them go away.  Works for infants when they want a bottle, and, apparently, for ACORN too.

A former ACORN employee will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on the issue today.  (H/T: Washington Times)

Last time they used these tactics, they were protesting in front of banks trying to strong-arm them into making home loans to riskier prospects.  We know how well that turned out.