While I do still admit that I am neutral, I will say that in my mind, AG candidate Dave Foster is slowly becoming the front-runner, and presenting himself as the the Republican candidate. Namely, here is why:

1. Republicans do not like to see in-party fighting. The Cuccinelli-Brownlee debate over the triggerman rule could really turn some people off of their campaign. I predict that Foster could gain some delegates who may be turned off by this feud.

2. The Tom Davis endorsement. This could become even more important if Jeff Fredrick is forced to resign, as I have heard that Tom Davis’ name is being floated around for RPV Chairman. Thus far, Foster is effectively using the Davis endorsement, by holding a fundraiser with the Davis family.

If Dave Foster uses these two things, as well as ups his game on the social mediums (twitter, Facebook, youtube), he could become THE candidate.