Welcome to Part II, where we’ll be talking about  Ken’s views on local and state politics, his qualifications, and why he got into the race. If you missed Part I, click here.



Senator Ken Cuccinelli

Senator Ken Cuccinelli

We began this portion of the interview talking about the Party’s recent losses, (’06 elections ’07 elections, and ’08 elections). Here’s what he had to say,


When you get beat so badly, you got to turn back to basic principles. John McCain was on the tail end of Bad Republican leadership….and the other side ran a good campaign…

He mentioned the Republicans biggest problem as well: spending

We started [going downhill] in June of ’05. That’s when the GOP leadership fought off spending restraints. The bridge to nowhere-that was ours, the mishandling of Katrina-that was ours…

Ken mentioned the importance of grassroots,

I first learned the importance of grassroots in 1993 when I was campaigning with George Allen. We knocked on doors and made many phone calls….

He even referred to his own races,

There’s a reason that I’ve been the Dems #1 target in VA elections. Even when I get outspent, I campaign and win with grassroots support. We must do this, as well as go back to first principles. 

 He continued, saying,

The reason the Dems come after me so hard is that I’m effective. This race will be watched nationally. We’ve got to have a grassroots effort. I plan on bringing it back.

Senator Cuccinelli then went on to talk about his qualifications,

I can win. You’ve got to get elected to govern. I’ve done both. I have a record on issues that matter to people. No one has to take me on faith. With all due respect to my opponents, they have nothing to point to. 

Finally, we asked why he originally got into the race. Here was his response,

Well, I’m a third term senator. I would bring the same agenda from the Senate to the AG office. It seems like a natural fit for me. I think that we can bring a lot to Virginia. 

Well there you go! Check back soon when I have poll up on who should be the nominee for AG!