As you may or may not know, Delegate Al Eisenberg (D-47) has chosen not to seek re-election, thus leaving the seat open.

In such a blue district, normally this Delegate seat wouldn’t be in play for Republicans, yet I think with the right candidate and message, we can compete. In Northern Virginia, the GOP does well in two types of situations: open seats and special elections. Alexandria of all places came really close to electing a Republican Delegate, and Pat Herrity almost became the Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

As I said, this is an open seat, and when I say that, I mean it is a truley OPEN seat. Thus far, Miles Grant, Adam Parkhomenko, Patrick Hope and Andres Tobar, and Alan Howze have all filed to become the nominee for Delegate.

Grant has the support of NLS. That could be good or bad, depending on what you think. Parkhomenko seems to be running an all anti-GOP campaign. This could work in this district, yet the only problem is that there is no Republican incumbent, thus he can’t rant and rave about previous votes. If I find anything about the other candidates I’ll write about it here.

So where does this leave Republicans? Well, I do have four names in mind, yet some may not be qualified, as I’m not sure if they live in the district or not. Anyways, I have put the following people on the list:


1. Mike McMenamin – Probably the strongest. I’ve heard his name rumored as being in the running, and I think that he would make a great delegate. His two runs for County Board received positive press, and despite running in two bad years, he received a decent portion of the vote. He even got the Washington Post endorsement the second time he ran!

2. Amit Singh – Has the potential to be a great legislator. Even though he lost the primary to Mark Ellmore, Amit built up an impressive grassroots campaign, and raised tons of money. In addition, he would be a great nominee as he would probably get Democrats and Independents that aren’t so found of Jim Moran.

3. Mike Ginsberg – He doesn’t know this yet, but he would make a great candidate as well! In addition to blogging for Red NoVA, Chairman Ginsberg has down a LOT of rebuilding for the GOP in Northern Virginia. Under Ginsberg, Republicans almost won two special elections, and our numbers have drastically increased! As someone who knows the district well, he would be able to mount a campaign and reach out to everyone. Also, as a blogger for Red NoVA, he would be able to respond to attacks quickly.

4. Dave Foster – Should Mr. Foster lose the nomination for AG, I think he would make a great Delegate candidate. He’s proven that he can win in Arlington as a Republican, getting large portions of the vote as well. While it might look fishy jumping from an AG race to a Delegate race, Mr. Foster would make a great candidate, as he knows the demographics.

What do you all think? Are there other people who you think should be on this list? If so, comment!