Welcome to Part II of Meet John Brownlee!  Here we’ll talk about his views on local and statewide politics, and some of his past experiences.

Part II

John Brownlee
John Brownlee

We started this portion of the interview by talking about his background and relationship with Northern Virginia,

I grew up in Fairfax, went to Robinson High School, was stationed at Fort Myer, and lived in Arlington as a solider. 

He went on to say,

I’m very confident about running AND winning in Northern Virginia….I am not a career politician, but a public servant.

He mentioned his public service career as being his service as an attorney, and in military office.

Mr. Brownlee shared his views on why the Party hasn’t been doing so well, both locally and nationally.

Every election is different. [Referring to defeats,] we didn’t get our message out, and we ran bad candidates. The race for Attorney General is a classic case. If we run good candidates, we will win..

He then made a reference to Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, saying,

With all due respect to Senator Cuccinelli, if he can barely beat Janet Oleszek, how can he go statewide?

When asked about the record of Bob McDonnell, Brownlee had this to say,

I have the greatest respect for Bob. He’s been strong on internet predators, he’s been tough on illegal immigration, and has been a strong spokesman for conservative values.

While on the topic of illegal immigration, Brownlee had this to say on his views,

We’ve got to clean out illegals from the state prisons and get these folks out of the country who are here illegally. As a U.S. Attorney, I broke down many conspiracy theories…I’m the only candidate who has this type of experience.

He went on to say,

Every family is concerned with public safety. Public Safety is not a partisan issue. I have experience with this as a prosecutor and in the military…

Thanks for joining us here on Part II!