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Today we continue our “Meet the Candidate: Attorney General 2009” series. I recently sat down with Mr. John Brownlee and had a discussion with him on his candidacy for Attorney General.

This will also be in two parts. In Part I, we’ll talk about Mr. Brownlee’s stances on the issues, and why he thinks he should be the nominee. In Part II, we’ll talk about his views on local and statewide politics, and some of his past experiences.

Part I

We started off by asking about the state of Brownlee’s campaign, citing the straw poll from the December 2008 Advance, in which Brownlee placed second. Refering to the poll, Mr. Brownlee said,

The poll was very close. We started this campaign behind, but it is working. We have brought our message everywhere, and people are getting it.

Brownlee also stressed his military values, saying,

I’m the only Veteran running. People value this; this can help. Voters also want Executive experience, and I have that.

When asked on why he should be the nominee, Mr. Brownlee responded,

Nothing against my opponents, but they are not Prosecutors. The party wants to win. I’m not a typical Richmond politician. I’m a bold leader; for the last seven years, I’ve been chasing down bad guys…

One recent area of debate between Senator Cuccinelli and Mr. Brownlee has been the death penalty. On that issue, Mr. Brownlee had this to say,

When it comes to criminal justice, I will be standing with the victims of violent crimes and law enforcement, not with Gov. Tim Kaine, like Cuccinelli is.

Mr. Brownlee went further on the death penalty, talking about the “triggerman rule,”

We need to abolish the triggerman rule. Every Republican Senator in VA except for Sen. Cuccinelli supports it. When I’m AG, I’m going to get rid of it.

He also talked about other policy issues,

The 2nd Amendment is an individual constitutional right. As Attorney General, I am prepared to go to court to protect it.

He also had a few words to say about the recent VA “smoking ban,”

I’m a big strong private property guy. Private businesses can run the establishment as they please. I’m not a smoker, but I can still leave.

Thanks for joining us here for Part I! Check back in the next few days for Part II, as well as the Cuccinelli posts!