On Tuesday February 17, 2009 this 787 Billion Dollar monstrosity of a stimulus package will be signed by President Barrack Obama. This stimulus package is supposed to push our economy in the right direction in many different ways, for example-creating jobs. But will it?

Obama is instituting a website that will soon open for all American’s to follow so that we can all see where our hard earned tax dollars are being spent, how many jobs are created, etc. There is one thing I want to know:

Who is publishing this information and who is accountable for it? Can’t they just make up any numbers to make this stimulus information look favorable to the Obama administration? What individual is going to make time on a daily basis to check in and babysit the government’s spending when the information could be artificial?

The website that will open soon is WWW.RECOVERY.ORG which Obama discusses here:


Here’s to hope, change and an erroneous website.