As most of you know, in the past election, Thelma Drake lost her bid for re-election to Glenn Nye, in a semi-upset in VA’s 2nd Congressional District.

Since Nye’s election, one Republican candidate has already announced his name for 2010. That person is Chuck Smith, an African American lawyer and businessman. 

While I admire the Smith campaign for their courage and committment to the district,  I must ask the question, is this really the best idea? Glenn Nye has yet to do anything, and now we already have a candidate against him?

VB Dems, a Democratic Blog from Virginia Beach has already come out bashing Smith a lot. What the Smith campaign needs to learn is that Democrats WANT Nye to hold on to this seat. In 2008, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Congressman Charle Rangel all gave him money, signalizing the importance of this race.

VB Dems had this say,

Especially considering a 2010 campaign ain’t for another year, can someone explain to me what “Strength for Tomorrow” means? What Tomorrow are we talking about here? A Tomorrow that he starts working on effective January 2011? …There’s a lot of tomorrows starting January 2009 that certainly need strengthening. 

This is certainly a fight that VA Democrats really plan on winning. VA Dems are seriously out to destroy the Smith campaign, and Smith and his staff need to be careful.

Be it Chuck Smith, or not, Republicans from everywhere, including NoVA, will certainly wish to help beat Nye in 2010! Best of luck to the Smith campaign, they’ll need it.