Dems are in shock this morning after their candidate managed to get only a 16-vote margin in the 46th District race after the first tally.  Things may be heading for a recount, we will see!

You can’t say enough about the job the Alexandria GOP did in organizing this race.  Chris Marston, Alexandria GOP chair, and his team did a fantastic job of organizing the grassroots, and the Alexandria GOP volunteers stepped up and made the most of the special election opportunity.  It was an impressive feat, and Democrats today must be embarrassed about this race.  It’s a great omen for 2009.  It’s proof that savvy organizing and old fashioned hard work can lead to great results.  You don’t have to take our word for it, either — here’s what the WaPo had to say:

“But Murray’s strong showing is a huge coup for Virginia Republicans. With all 100 House seats up for election this fall, the Herring-Murray race becomes the last election that reporters and pundits have to evaluate the political landscape for state House races heading into the fall.

Instead of stories about the undeniable Democratic trends in Northern Virginia, pundits will have to leave open the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the GOP isn’t dead in Northern Virginia after all.”

Amen to that.

There’s plenty of election activity this year, and there’s time to join the Alexandria team if you are a GOPer in Alexandria.  If you want to join the GOP team in Alexandria, visit the website here!  Come join us!