December 2008

Well, Arlington Democrats are at it again.  Apparently the Columbia Pike trolley is on the “wish list” for 2009, according to the Sun-Gazette here.  The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority wants to spend $50 million for the trolley/streetcar to run up and down Columbia Pike.  $50 million!  I’m not sure how much a bus costs, but I’m pretty sure you could have a fleet of buses running up and down Columbia Pike for less than $50 million.  With all of the serious traffic jams all over NoVA, a trolley on Columbia Pike just doesn’t seem to make a whole of sense.  Not to mention all the congestion and problems that will result from the undoubtedly multi-year construction process.  This thing has “Big Dig” written all over it.

Honestly, I’m not sure how you can deal with congestion perfectly in Arlington and NoVA.  There aren’t a whole lot of places to build new roads.  Maybe more frequent Metro trains?  Maybe Metro trains that have a different layout capable of carrying more people?  Bus Rapid Transit lanes added to 66?  All of these, it seems to me, have a better chance of reducing congestion inside the Beltway than a trolley on Columbia Pike.

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! As I said, I would post two Christmas posts. I hope you enjoy! 

Recently, in an Article written by Ann Coulter on Human Events named Sarah Palin the “Conservative of the year.” 

Coulter had this to say, “Palin was everything Democrats are always pretending to be, but never are.”

Ann also mentioned while the media seemed to focus on Palin’s gaffes, she mentioned a few Obama gaffes that were largely ignored.

Obama complained that we didn’t have enough “Arabic translators” in Afghanistan — not realizing the natives don’t speak Arabic in Afghanistan, but rather a variety of regional dialects, the most common of which is Pashtun. 

Speaking to military veterans one time, Obama said, “Our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today.” 

He bragged about passing a law regulating the nuclear industry that it turned out never became a law at all. 

Some days Mr. Obama said Venezuela’s dictator Hugo Chavez should suffer “regional isolation” — but then on others he’d say he supported the president’s meeting with Chavez. 

Obama told one audience about recent tornados in Kansas that had killed 10,000 people. In fact, a dozen people were killed in the tornados. 

Mr. Obama referred to the “57 states” that make up the U.S. 

Speaking of Palin’s eldest daughter’s pregnancy, Obama said Bristol was being “punished” with a baby. 

Ann also had this to say about Senator John McCain,

Palin was a kick in the pants, she energized conservatives, and she made liberal heads explode. Other than his brave military service, introducing Sarah Palin to Americans is the greatest thing John McCain ever did for his country. 

Seems to me that conservatives really want Sarah Palin to stay in the national scene. I guess we’ll see what happens. Merry Christmas everyone! Please keep our soldiers serving overseas in your thoughts and prayers. 

Merry Christmas, everyone.  And Happy Hanukkah as well!

As you may know, the GOP’s gubernatorial candidate, Bob McDonnell, has been very active in supporting food banks all over the Commonwealth.  Here is a special holiday message McDonnell has released to encourage folks to donate to their local food banks.  Here’s the message.

There are many local food banks here in the Northern Virginia area, including the Capital Area Food Bank, which distribute food to many organizations and shelters throughout our area.  Please consider donating time, food, or money to these organizations.  It’s a great cause, and one that has been important to McDonnell and to Northern Virginia Republicans for a long time.

Merry Christmas everyone!

First off, what are you doing here on the blog? You should be spending time with family or at church!

When you are done with all of that of course, please enjoy the Christmas-posts today. This is part one of a two part series. Part Two will be posted later today.

An article on the front page of the Metro section in today’s Washington Post talked about all of the high-profile Republicans getting involved in McDonnell’s run for Governor.

Thus far, RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, Gov. Sarah Palin, Gov. Rick Perry, and Gov. Charlie Christ have gotten involved and have pledged to help out McDonnell. 

The article also mentions a little bit of fundraising. McDonnell has both Deeds and Moran outspent already!

Friends, this win could be critical. Remember what’s at stake in the next four years, Congressional re-districting, midterm elections, and the state’s budget problems.

McDonnell is a Christmas gift to Republicans because he can win in such a critical time, and bring back our party from the ashes.

From all of us here at Red NoVA, Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you later today when I post the second part of the Christmas post!


In a move that will hurt the Commonwealth for many years after Kaine’s term, Gov. Tim Kaine has decided to fundamentally  change Virginia’s budget. 

An article on the front page of the Washington Post (Dec 18) had this to say,

“[Kaine’s budget] would transform the commonwealth’s old-guard fiscal policies into ones that reflect the political conversion from red state to blue.”

At the heart of the budget debates is the proposal to increase the tax on cigarettes, something that could prove to be a disaster to a state whose economy was almost 90% tobacco.

Kaine also plans to cut Medicare and Education spending. Kaine’s proposals would also cut thousands of jobs.

Let’s stop this madness and get a team that knows how to fix the problem. Elect Bob McDonnell!

Check out the blog later today for a special Christmas post!

Marc Fisher’s article in Monday’s online Washington Post is ridiculous.  (Here’s the article.)  He thinks that by opposing an increase in the cigarette tax Bob McDonnell is somehow demonstrating that he’s beholden to Philip Morris and the tobacco industry.  The tobacco industry is enormously important to Virginia’s economy.  Raising the cigarette tax to 60 cents from 30 cents will inevitably hurt that industry and the Virginia economy. Bob McDonnell is absolutely correct to say that we cannot tax our way to prosperity, and there is no worse time to raise taxes than in the current economic environment.

The irony of these sin taxes is that if they have their supposedly desired effect of lowering consumption of a certain good, in this case cigarettes, the tax won’t achieve its other purpose — to increase state revenue.  So if you are relying on the increase in the cigarette tax to raise revenue rather than change behavior, you are implicitly punishing a class of people — smokers — who you think deserve punishment.  I find that appalling — not to mention regressive, as cigarette smokers cut across class and demographic lines.

As for Marc Fisher, the real purpose of the article is to try to undercut and strangle in its crib Bob McDonnell’s appealing message of practical, common-sense solutions for Northern Virginia.  Fisher is doing the Democrats’ dirty work of trying to make Bob McDonnell look like just another Republican who doesn’t care about Northern Virginia.  Nice try, Mark.  Anyone who knows McDonnell or who has heard him speak knows that’s bunk — McDonnell’s message is one that has tremendous appeal to Northern Virginians sick of gang violence and traffic jams.  McDonnell has a record of taking on tough problems like gang violence that are important to Northern Virginians.

I’m looking forward to Fisher’s post on how the Democrats are somehow pushing card check only because their big union donors demand that they do.  Or that the Democrats are pushing green technologies only becuase the environmental lobbies are pushing them to (and because some of them, like Al Gore, stand to make a hefty profit off these investments).

I’m not holding my breath.

After many years as the anchor of “Special Report” and the face of the Fox News franchise, Brit Hume is leaving the anchor chair.  I have to admit, I enjoyed his newscasts.  You could always count on “The Grapevine” to expose glaring hypocricies, gaffes, and other comments Democrats made that the MSM failed to pick up — but that you knew they’d be all over if a Republican said them.  He also was a great moderator of the panels at the end — challenging both the conservatives and the liberals (more often, the liberals) to defend their positions.

Fox News paid tribute to Brit in his last Special Report show on Tuesday night:

Fortunately, he’ll still be a contributor at Fox News, so we can still look forward to his commentary on Fox News Sunday, along with his eyerolls and convincing putdowns for most of what Juan Williams says.

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